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Low and slow - COMpETition level barbecue smokers 

Are you looking to buy the perfect barbecue smoker that is used for all types of events including competitions and family and friend gatherings!? Introducing our Wild West Offset Smokers. Inspired by Texan barbecue,  we make all our smokers in Australia for Australians. We are the preferred choice for the award-winning Ham Dunk BBQ Team. 

features of our australian made barbecue smokers

Made from High Quality 6mm Steel

Our smokers have wooden handles and are supplied with 2 Tel Tru thermometers made in the USA. The lid is easily liftable using our signature counter weight (Australian railway track)  

Reverse Flow Offset Smoker

All our models come with two removable cooking grills perfect for any sized meal! What makes reverse flow different from normal smokers is that the smoke moves through the chamber, all the way back out. 

Fire Box

The Fire Box is on the right side of the smoker with our signature bull emblem on the front of the box. This is where you place your wood, charcoal or any other materials to build and manage your fire.

Huge Storage Space

Our smokers have a huge cooking space and are perfect for any barbecue with your friends and family. Barbecue the Texan way!

Additional Cooking Area

All our smokers come with an additional cooking area and aluminium cooking tray located right above the fire box. Great for kids starting off their barbecue journey or for cooking small items like eggs and bacon. 

16, 20 and 24 Inch Smokers

We currently sell The Scout (16 inch model), Billy the Kid (20 inch model) and Buffalo Bill (24 inch model) as our standard stock. We can also customise and modify any model to your specifications. Each of our smokers are hand made in Australia and can be bought in a Rustic or a fully painted. 

bbq smoker

Wild West Smokers are Australian made BBQ Smokers and are built from the finest materials.

All our smokers are perfect for any backyard or competition level grills. That authentic smokey aroma, wafting through neighbourhood parties is now accessible to you, direct from us at Wild West Smokers.

Wild West Smokers handcrafts each Reverse Flow Smoker in our workshop located in Brisbane, Australia. With a range now including "The Scout",  "Billy The Kid" and "Buffalo Bill" 

From prices starting at $2950, Wild West Smokers have a product for every budget and importantly for every level of your BBQ Smoking desire. All our Reverse flow smokers are made with quality Australian 6mm Steel.

Wild West Smokers only uses the best materials and products when making out smokers, such as our locking wheels, keeping your BBQ Smoker in one place.