Now you've bought your smoker and that beautiful timber cutting board, it makes sense to look after it, to make sure it lasts. Like all natural materials, timber is a dream to look after. These boards are made of high quality timbers like red gum, spotted gum and blue gum, and they're intended to be used, so don't be shy, the best kind of cutting board is one that's well seasoned.


1/ The best thing about our cutting boards is that they attach to your smoker so you have a stable cutting area that can be detached and taken straight to the table. Neat idea. But don't be tempted to leave it on the 'cue all the time. Your board needs a bit of TLC and doesn't like an all weather environment, so when you're not using it, bring it in under cover.
2/ After each use, wash it with warm soapy water, just something mild like dish-washing detergent, and let it dry thoroughly each time.

3/ Every couple of months, rub in some grapeseed oil over the entire surface. This will keep it supple, looking like new.

4/ If you do accidentally leave it out in the weather for a while and it starts to discolour, don't sweat it, just allow it to thoroughly dry, then give it a light sand till it comes back to its former glory. Give it a light rub over with grapeseed oil again and leave it to dry.

    That's it. Simple and satisfying.

    If you don't have one of our smokers, or one of our detachable chopping boards and you're keen to learn more, get in touch!