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Buffalo Bill is 24 inches of BBQ Smoking goodness. This Reverse Flow Offset Smoker is ideal for larger scale smoking such as competitions, restaurants, bars, puts, community centers and more. Made from high quality Australian Steel and designed and made with you in mind, Bill is born to last and built to win.


About Us

At Wild West Smokers, our goal is to bring the best possible smoking experience straight to your backyard.

We specialise in Reverse Offset Smokers and our smokers have been used for a variety of different uses including Competitions, Events and Backyard Parties.

Our Range consists of the 16 inch "The Scout", the 20 inch "Billy the Kid" and the 24 inch "Buffalo Bill". All our smokers are manufactured in Australia using high quality steel and are expertly crafted by our dedicated Wild West Staff overseeing the construction from start to finish. With over 60 years’ experience working in the steel industry and as barbeque enthusiasts ourselves, we try to offer the highest quality product at an affordable price point.

All our models come as standard with the Wild West emblem, but customisation is available. If you are looking for something different to our standard stock, please contact us. We’re able to manufacture anything and everything, so if you want a trailer, a rustic model or even a smoking shelf, contact us today.